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About Tikka


Hong Kong-based artist Tik Ka began his artistic journey in 2006, since participated in multiple exhibits and art fairs throughout the world, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, and Paris, to name a few cities. Ever curious about cultures, yet painting from his roots, two different styles (chizi by Tik Ka , Tik Ka from east ) for the illustrator career life. Illustration,painting,  commercial space exhibition for crossover art project with branding :  FILA, FOXs movie, Disney, Warner Bros, Adobe, Mabel jewellery, Gateway one, China City ,  (China), wtc more, Harbour City (Hong Kong), 7-eleven, Tsui Wah Restaurant, Now TV.

Art Exhibition
2009 Journey to the East  (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2010 Journey to Your Soul  (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2010 ngoob art show (Group Exhibitions) Hong Kong
2011 HK ARTcomics 2011 (Group Exhibitions) Hong Kong
2011 Journey to Fairyland (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2012 Tik Ka (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2012 Asia contemporary art show Hong Kong
2012 ART TAIPEI 2012 (Art Fair) Taipei
2013 Continuation of the doomsday Clock (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2013 SoHa arrive en France (Solo Exhibition) Pairs
2013 SoHa SMILE (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2014 Los Angeles Art Show (Art Fair) Los Angeles
2014 Singapore art Fair (Art Fair) Singapore
2015 The Next Station is …… New Beginning (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2015 Little Galaxy (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong
2015 Chinese StarPot (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong、Taipei、London
2016 Chi zi (Solo Exhibition) Beijing
2016 4th Exhibition for Naminated Young Artist in Asia(Group Exhibitions) Milan
2017 rainbow sparkles (Group Exhibitions) New York
2017 Chizi  (Solo Exhibition)  Hong Kong
2018 Affordable Art Fair (Art Fair) Singapore
2018 Affordable Art Fair (Art Fair) Hong Kong
2018 ComplexCon Los Angeles
2019 Shanghai Toy Show Shanghai
2019 Singapore Comix Con Singapore

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